What is the Water Advanced Technology and Research Center (WAT&R)?

WAT&R is a 501(c)(3) NON-PROFIT R&D CENTER dedicated for development of new and improved WATER PRODUCTION and RECOVERY PROCESSES using new patent pending ACOUSTIC TECHNOLOGIES. The WAT&R CENTER focuses technologies from the field of acoustics (sound waves) as the primary processing stages.

These new technologies solve the problems of using sound waves effectively and practically to operate EFFECTIVELY ON FLOWING WATER and other liquid streams resulting in MULTIPLE PATENT disclosures. These are significant accomplishments because liquid streams, flowing at even the slowest rate, disrupt sound waves making them ineffective for productive use.

It has long been known that sound waves, in a STATIC situation, can produce incredible amounts of energy. In one form they can transmit force pressure in the order of 20,000 pounds per square inch and high thermal heat in the order of 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Other properties are equally significant. Until these technologies were developed and disclosures filed, sound waves were totally ineffective in flowing liquids.

Why is WAT&R CENTER a Non-Profit?

Believe it or not but we sincerely want to benefit more people sooner. The new technologies open up so many new ways to address water recovery applications. Our dilemma is whether to follow the conventional business model or find a way to share with others to benefit more people.

Therefore, The Center is structured to provide a non-profit entity to coalesce all technologies from many different contributors to solve water processing and production problems that continue to beleaguer the world. The new technologies that WAT&R has access to are intended to be coupled with existing technologies to develop better processes to benefit more people sooner than working individually.


Why a Center Focused on Process Development?

These technologies open up entirely new options for solving water recovery related issues. Electro-Mechanical sound waves replace High Pressure Membrane Filters and High Thermal based processes. The magnitude of these mechanical forces alone can accomplish, or be a catalyst, to achieve the DISSOCIATION OF COMPOUNDS and EVISERATION OF MICROORGANISMS and the subsequent SEPARATION OF DISSOLVED SOLIDS FROM THE FLOWING STREAM. Existing processes can be discarded and replaced with entirely new methods of processing. Research is underway around the world that the tools of acoustic technology can greatly assist.

  • Easier
  • Simpler
  • Faster
  • Cheaper
  • Less Energy

What Happens Once a Process is Developed?

WAT&R also works closely with W3 Development in the development of the process. W3 DEVELOPMENT LLC provides equipment, using both standard and the proprietary technologies, tailored to fit the process as it evolves. Once developed, W3 DEVELOPMENT LLC designs the control and systems apparatus to properly execute the process.

That system can then made available to any entity that can demonstrate the commitment and means to manufacture and distribute the system to the most benefit. W3 ULTRASONICS would perform that function in the absence of an acceptable third party entity.


W3 product philosophy is based in making the product fit the application rather than making the application fit the product.

All selections of equipment are first preceded with a thorough analysis of your specific application and production needs with one of our experienced W3 Ultrasonic application personnel.

Start the Process Development analysis yourself or Contact W3 directly.