Algae and Invasive Species Infestation

Microorganism Eviseration


Invasions and infestations of algae and invasive species of microorganisms are an ever increasing problem worldwide. Southern Florida has the Blue-Green Algal Bloom, the eastern Gulf of Mexico has the Red Tide. The Great Lakes have infestations as do many bodies of water around the world. In some cases the problem is individually large and in other cases, microscopically small. Virtually all are harmful for marine and human life and sometimes deadly. Most are often economically detrimental for the areas they exist. Eradication, or at least containment, is absolutely necessary.


Elimination or reduction or other mitigation of these various problems of these living infestations can resolve the human, marine and environmental damage that continues to spread from an insignificant start. While there may be many different problems stemming from different organisms, the one fact remains that they are living organisms and can be destroyed. Sonics is a mechanical means to accomplish this without resorting to harmful chemicals or other means of eradication thus letting an area come back to vitality sooner. Whether it is new life or economic development, eradication is the ultimate answer.


Testing to date has established that the widely varying assortment of algae and microorganism requires different approaches for maximum effectiveness. A biological data record of samples and results must be established to determine the most effective parameters to establish the most effective results. The process to eviscerate and destroy organisms is fairly direct but the ultimate elimination from the stream has many options available. Therefore, the methodology will entail numerous combinations of testing of contaminates and apparatus to develop the most effective combination of destruction and removal of organisms.


Development Stages:

  • Determine the effect of the SDA stage on various algae and microorganisms
  • Determine the effect of the SDA stage on various algae and microorganisms
  • Determine the most effective processes
  • Evaluate methods to “drop out” various organisms from SDA process
  • Determine the extraction method(s) to achieve optimum TDS removal objectives
  • Evaluate impact of downstream or surface release of remaining effluent

Development Status:

  • SDA “test mule” is in development of disassociation on the incoming stream
  • Development of SDA optimization continues
  • SSA “test mule” is in development of the concentrate extraction process stage
  • Further progress and rate of development are funds and client dependent


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