Freshwater for the World's Needs

Save the Planets Depleting Freshwaters



Water and air are the two absolute needs for life on this planet to exist. Freshwater accounts for only 2.5% of water on the planet of which less than 1% is freely available for human consumption and use. The world population is over 7 billion people and many areas of the planet with high density of people are in dire need of adequate fresh water. Underground aquifers throughout the world are being depleted as are sources of surface water from rivers and lakes. The oceans account for almost 97% of the world’s water but all of it is saline and unusable as freshwater. It is only natural that removing saline from the oceans would become the single most important path to providing abundant water for all life to prosper on the earth.




Desalination of seawater is vital for life. Besides salt, seawater also provides habitat for virtually all marine life and aquatic plant life. Seawater is also rich in minerals as it also contains virtually every element albeit only in trace amounts except for about six elements. The process of removing the salt also removes and can capture these valuable minerals and elements. The resultant freshwater can grow not only crops for food reliability but also reforestation growth for carbon sequestration.




There are two primary desalination processes currently being used for freshwater production. One is membrane-based and consists of several different approaches but all requiring water pressured through membranes for primary salt removal. The second process is thermal based and consists of several different approaches but all requiring high temperature and high energy for primary salt removal.

Our new sonics based technology uses sound waves to extract salt and other dissolved solids from flowing water as it passes through the apparatus. High temperatures and high pressures are absent from the process and energy and other costs are dramatically reduced. Continued R&D is required to innovate and simplify the current process for more commercial viability for the broadest worldwide application to benefit the most people.



Development Stages:

  • Evaluate various flow designs to optimize flow rates versus extraction effectiveness
  • Optimization of the SSA extraction process
  • Evaluation/comparison of manual to automatic operation for widest beneficial use
  • Evaluate optional transducer and operating inputs
  • Evaluation of various saline and contaminated waste streams
  • Evaluate corrosion and other factors for process reliability

Development Status:

  • SSA “test mule” is in development of the saltwater desalination process stage
  • SSA process testing has been started
  • Various SSA transducers are under development
  • Various SSA power arrangements are under development
  • Various SSA extraction designs are under development and evaluation
  • Various SSA production rate models are under development and evaluation
  • Further progress and rate of development are funds dependent


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